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THE ROD’N’ROLL GANG is rolling on…

An exciting year lies behind us and an even more exciting one lies ahead of us. And this is not least due to all those involved who make this possible. Therefore, I would like to say THANK YOU at this point!

THANKS to the technical crew Elias, Marian, Jonathan & Bene, who are always first in the hall and go out last. You’re all doing a huge job!

THANKS to Lisa for your tireless efforts as boss and tour guide at our events.

THANKS to my excellent band…
Mazze, Crizz, Adrian, Tanya, Andre’, Devi-Ananda, Venera, Maks, Sascha, Lina, Annika & Christian. I am looking forward to many new adventures with you!

THANKS of course also to Sir Rod Stewart for this inexhaustible musical treasure he has created. And the great stories from his life, which we can tell about at our concerts.

THANKS to our unique fans who make us feel again and again how much they appreciate our music and passion.
For me, there is nothing better than looking into these happy faces and taking you all on a journey through time for a little moment. Without you, we wouldn’t exist!